Christmas Safety Tips

November 10th, 2010

We love Christmas as much if not more than the next Christmas Shopper, Christmas Decorating Fanatic and Christmas Lights Masters… but when this time of year comes around –  our ornaments family at  Ornaments And More cannot help but be reminded that Christmas – as wonderful as it can be – can also be one of the highest seasons for safety issues.

Fathers are falling off ladders while putting up the Christmas Tree Toppers or worse the roof when putting up the lights. All sorts of people are getting into horrific car accidents due to the snow and icy road conditions.   Houses are catching on fire due to high energy, high wattage Christmas lights – and families are being destroyed by it all.

And these are just the most common concerns we know of.

Granted, the statistics are low compared to health issues and the like… but they are high enough for us to be concerned for others.  Below you will find a few great links to quick and simple reads on Christmas safety.  We hope you find them beneficial and educational – as well as extremely preventative for years to come.

Your safety over the Christmas Holidays matters to us.

xoxox Ornaments And More.

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