Elmo Christmas Ornaments

Posted: December 9th, 2011

QUICK ORNAMENTS UPDATE: Quite often we are asked if we can post updates when a particular ornament comes available and while we cannot do this all the time due to the high quantities of ornaments we add all the time, the Elmo Christmas Ornaments are a big hit, asked for ALL the time and also one of our 2011 featured ornaments today.     Please feel free to visit our Ornaments Shop and buy your adorable Elmo Christmas Ornament or any of our other Baby and Toddler Ornament Gift Items today!

Christmas Cookies

Posted: December 5th, 2011

As we get closer and closer to that very special day where all of the children can barely stay in their beds – we are constantly reminded about all that is great about Christmas.  YES< we love our Christmas Trees, Christmas Decorating and Christmas Ornaments, we do not deny that. BUT, it is without doubt that one of the absolute best parts of the Christmas holidays is also the Christmas Cookies. Wouldn’t you agree that Christmas wouldn’t be quite as magical  if you didn’t have those tree shaped, snowman shaped, wreath shaped or even heart shaped sugar and gingerbread cookies?  Maybe you prefer elegant snowflake shapes or reindeer shapes – with glazed icing, glittering sugar or those edible silver balls; we like those ones too. Christmas Cookies aren’t just a highly anticipated home baked delight…

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